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13 Red places 2nd in Bronze at the Spring Showdown.

13 Red participates in the Nashville Open and puts together a second place finish Silver Division.

13 Red places 3rd in Gold at the Vette City Challenge

2019 Union Challenge

BRAVO 13 Red participated in the Union Challenge in New Albany, Indiana, March 2-3. Our girls played hard but ran into some great competition. Red went 0-5 on the weekend and placed 14th overall. 


13 Red participating in Club Clash Franklin, Tn.

BRAVO 13 Red participated in the Club Clash in Franklin, Tn. February 23-24th.  Our team went 0-3 on Saturday winning only two sets. Sunday we went 1-2 for the day finishing 10th out  of 12 teams. 13 Red will travel to New Albany, Indiana on March 2-3 to participate in the Union Challenge. Our team is working hard to get better and have a great work ethic. 

BRAVO 13 Red Tournament Schedule

Recent BRAVO 13 Red News

What: Women and Juniors Quads Grass Volleyball Tournament

Depending on teams, appropriate divisions will be made

When: Saturday, June 29th

Where: Marshall Homestead -812 Plum Springs Loop

Cost: $25 per player, $100 per team

Entry comes with a t-shirt

Contact Riley Marshall to put a team in or if you have any questions or concerns.

  • 270-320-3203

Results Team Division Matches Won Matches Lost Sets Won Sets Lost
1st Gold BRAVO 18 Black (PR) 17/18 Girls 5 0 10 0
5th Silver BRAVO 15 Silver (PR) 15 Girls  1 4 2 9
3rd Gold BRAVO 13 Black (PR) 14 Girls 3 3 7 6
2nd Bronze BRAVO 13 Red (PR) 13 Girls 2 3 4 7
3rd Copper BRAVO 13 Silver (PR) 13 Girls 1 4 3 9
2nd Silver BRAVO 12 Silver (PR) 12 Girls 1 4 2 8

Last Day to Sign up for BRAVO BEACH!

By BRAVO 04/12/2019, 11:00am CDT

This is your last chance to sign up for BRAVO BEACH Tournament Players. Click here  to register or click here for more information about playing and ten reasons to play beach volleyball.